Trouble with "Search by Metadata" plugin, Omeka 2.2

Hi! The "Search by Metadata" plugin won't allow me to save my configuration settings, which makes it much less useful to me than it could be.

The plugin appears as "installed", but when I go to the "configure" page and select the checkboxes for the fields I'd like to be able to search by and click "save changes" I'm directed to a blank page, and when I return to the config page my selections have not been saved.

Relevant facts:

- My configuration page doesn't look quite like the configuration page shown in the documentation. It's still a list of metadata fields, but it doesn't say "Dublin Core" at the top (it includes every field that exists in my installation, including a few custom fields - including a few custom fields that I thought I'd deleted). Above each metadata field checkbox is a number. The numbers seem to reflect the fact that I reordered the fields in a few "item types".

- Other plugins installed: CSV Import, Dropbox, Exhibit Builder, Guest User, Search By Metadata, Simple Pages

- I am hosting two Omeka installations under the same domain ( and - which hasn't been a problem... so far.

Curious to hear if anyone has any ideas. Thanks.

Thanks. There are definitely some unanticipated changes between SBM and the new Omeka 2.2 for us to sort out. I'll have an update soon.

Followup question.

Have you configured your Omeka 2.2 site so that, under Appearance -> Settings you do not show the Element Set Headings?

If you have it set to not show those, does Search By Metadata work again if you turn back on showing Element Set Headings?

Many thanks for that help in chasing this bug

Patrick - yes! That solved the problem. Thank you!

Yay progress! But that's still a bug to be addressed -- turning off the headings is too much desired for the plugin to not play nicely with that new feature.