Trouble uploading items

My university just started using Omeka. Earlier this week, it allowed us to upload items, edit them, etc. But now, whenever I try to upload an item it will not work. The browser will just sit there trying to upload the item for a while and then will revert back to the blank form for the Dublin Core info. The item is never created. I have tried shutting down the browser, logging in and out, even changing computers over the past two days, but nothing changes. It will let me create a new exhibit, but not a new item.

Can someone tell me what is going on? Is this an error on my part? Or a glitch in the program?

Update: It is only having trouble uploading TIF files. Any other image (as long as it is in the deined ini range) will load. Can you upload TIF files? Is there something special I need to do?

Are these uncompressed tiffs (so that they might be significantly bigger than your other images)?

Silently reverting back to the edit form is normally a symptom that you've exceeded the post_max_size PHP setting for your server.

Is there a way to increase the max size of an item to be uploaded? I have resized most of our items to the lowest possible resolution and some of them are still too big. It comes up with an error message saying that they have exceeded the defined ini size.

What you're running into, Laura, is the maximum allowed size of files to be uploaded through a web form on your server, regardless of the type of file. This varies from server to server, and isn't something you can change in Omeka. If you'd like to bump up this setting, you'd need to edit that setting yourself, in your server's php.ini file, or talk to your server administrator or hosting company about this.