Trouble Installing to Bluehost

Hey everyone. I've installed all files and configured on our new bluehost site. I'm able to login and see the admin page. However, when I try doing anything else, I get a 404. So say I'm trying to add a new user, I click that and it leads to ".com/admin/users/add" When looking at my files, there's nothing in the admin folder besides the file "index.php" and the folder "themes." Am I missing something here? I'm sort of new to all of this and it's driving me up the wall. Thanks for any help!

There shouldn't be anything else in the admin folder.

Can you browse around to any of the other pages but the home page on the public side? (Like, for example, ".com/items"?)

Also, what version of Omeka are you using?

Hey, good troubleshooting plan. I can not get to any other pages besides the home page on the public side of things.
I'm using the new 1.5.3

Fixed. The htaccess file was whacked. Thanks! I found one that was complete, added it to the root and everything now works.