Trouble installing on addon subdomain on Bluehost

I've created an addon subdomain on my primary BlueHost account. I've uploaded Omeka, created MySQL databases, and edited the db.ini as instructed.

I don't want my installation in an "Omeka" or "Project" subfolder, but rather just in the domain itself. Thus, i've put all the files and folders into the "public_html" director of my subdomain.

But, I can't get the install script to run. when I open the domain, all I get is "Index of /"

Any help? Thanks.

Do you have an htaccess file in public_html director? Sometimes that is a hidden file. Make sure to show hidden files and be sure that you've moved that over too.

It might also be worth double-checking the folder where you have put the files. In my BH account, when you create the subdomain you also specify the folder to consider the root for it. So my subdomain has all the files in the folder public_html/omeka-demo . There is not an additional public_html folder inside public_html/omeka-demo