Dear All,

if i had added new elements to the sound Item type and i want to translate these added elements to Arabic where can i manage the translation?

and another question how can let people to view omeka in more than language?

thank you All.

Here's a guide to Omeka language configuration

The Arabic team is about 58% complete. You can always request to join the team on Transifex.

This only works with strings that Omeka pushes through the translation system, though. The customized elements might be another matter. I'd have to do some research to say the best way to handle that situation.

Thank you patrickmj for your reply.

actually I'm one of the Arabic Team members and i know the customized elements should be translated in another way which i don't know it till now i hope you can help me in that i really appreciated your concern .
thank you.

Hi there,

Is there any way we can change the DC metadata translated names?