Translating to Spanish the Dublin Core Extended plugin

Hi, I have been trying to translate to Spanish the Dublin Core Extended Plugin without success. I have used Poedit to create first a pot file of the pluging (previously I identified the strings to translate and surrounded them with “__()”). Then, from the pot file, I generated the po file, made the translations (in Poedit) and uploaded the po and mo files (the last one generate automatically by Poedit) to a new directory called "languages" in the pluging.

The above worked for me to modify the es files of the "official translation" of the core code.

Do I have to do other changes in the plugin? It is feasible what I am trying to do for somebody with not much experienced with php?

The reason I want to do that is to get the dublin core extended elementes translated in the advanced search.

Thanks in advanced,

I´m posting this autoresponse just in case anybody want to translated other plugins...

I found answers to the questions I made above here:!topic/omeka-dev/SGXu_r3hBJk