translating omeka to hebrew

I want to start translating omeka to hebrew and watched the translation page for omeka, but after I registered as needed on transifex and went to the link from the translation page i couldn't find a teams tab.

I asked to make a translation for hebrew and willing to do it myself, but I don't know how to start.

Any help will be welcome.



I just approved the Hebrew translation team on Transifex, so you should be able to get started! Many thanks!

Thanks, I am about to start now.
How can I use the translation after I am done?

After I am done translating, am I supposed to tell someone it's done so it will be uploaded or something so others will be able to use it?

How can I know when there is a change in omeka that will require me to change the translation? (After all, I guess I will be the maintainer at least for some time now).

Whenever we do a new release of Omeka, all the new and updated translations are included in it. I think it's also possible to manually add translations between releases, but I'd have to double check on that and, if it is possible, what the procedure is.

Whenever we are close to a new release, we also generally send out an announcement on Transifex about new texts being ready so we can include them.

Thanks for your fast replay.

One more thing, while translating now I see there are some strings that I need to see how it is presented to the user to be able to have a good translation, how can I know this?

On the details tab most of the times I don't see anything usefull and since I am new to omeka I don't realy know where to look for the string.

That is a good question! I'm looking into the Glossary feature to see if it is possible to give guidance there for all the languages, but it looks at first glance like the glossaries are specific to the language.

I could probably go into the Hebrew translation sometime and fill in a comment on words that seem ambiguous to me so something shows up in the details, though. If there are words/phrases that you have in mind, I guess the best thing might be to list them in a reply here.

Is there a way to make the translation work before you put it in the core?
I want to be able to check my translated strings on the system and hopefully soon to start using it on production server, but for that I need it to be fully translated.
I tried to make a copy of the po file and make it with an mo suffix but it didn't work, what tells me that there is one other thing (at least) that I should do to make it work...


The po and mo files are different; you can't just rename one to the other.

You need to use the program msgfmt to compile the po file into an mo. You may already have this program, otherwise it's part of the GNU gettext package.

Thanks, it works great.
I added that on the documentation of translating omkea so other people won't need to ask here again.

I do have it on fedora 17 and will check if its there on my work computer. I installed much less software at work so if its there too most likely its on the core of fedora 17.

Thanks again, Moshe