Tool to help manage multiple sites

Hello, I'm presently managing several Omeka sites and I was wondering if someone has developed a tool to help manage multiple sites, similar to this:

Any information is greatly appreciated.


There is the new Omeka S in Alpha which seems to contain native support for multisites.

I am interested to see how that goes and whether there will be migration tools from Omeka Classic to S. I don't need S at this moment in time, but as my project grows, I could see that functionality being very useful.

Omeka S is coming along, but an official release is probably some time away. We are releasing new alpha versions roughly every two weeks, though, to ask for feedback on developing features.

There won't be a true migration from Omeka 2.x, as the codebase and data model are completely different. There will, however, be an importer that will get at least Item data from an Omeka 2.x installation.

Until then, there's not a single specific tool, but I suspect people in the community have built up their own solutions.

Thanks, yes, an importer would be lovely!

Next alpha release for early investigators is scheduled within a week, and will include the alpha of the Omeka 2.x importer if you want to kick the tires.

Thank you for responses. I'll keep an eye open for Omeka S. It would be cool to hear what tricks people are presently using...