Too many plugin lists


I have Omeka v2.1.4 and I'm trying to install some plugins. I found some on what I think is the main list, (older ones on codex/Legacy_Add-Ons) but Im not sure about two other lists: for "1.5+" (doesn't say "up to", so may work con 2.x ?) for "2.0+" may be equivalent.
Maybe would be better a single sortable table with filters (and download count and/or vote option, there are so many!) list. Since Omeka is so plugin-oriented this would be very useful.


The codex is documentation to help you use the plugins.

Plugins on the first page you mention,, are supported with Omeka 2.x installs. If you look at the download page for an individual plugin (for example you'll see that each plugin has a table listing version(s), minimum version of Omeka, target version of Omeka, and Release date.