Title Not Showing in Latest 2.1.2 version of Omeka

I am getting untitled as the title for all three items I created in my Omeka Collection even though I used the existing element Title field on my Item type.

Any ideas on what is happening?

Are you setting the Dublin Core Title, or some other Title element? You mentioned Item Types, the normal title element isn't part of any item type.

I am not using Dublin Core but just the Item type. Do I need to define the title in the Dublin Core area when I am configuring the theme even though I have used just item types to input my data?

Omeka doesn't have a whole lot of built-in stuff that relies on pieces of metadata, but this is one of them. Where we're looking for a title for an Item, it's the Dublin Core Title specifically.

You can modify your public theme to use whatever metadata elements you want, but some stuff like the feeds and the admin theme is always going to be looking at the Dublin Core unless you start hacking the Omeka core to behave differently.