TinyMCE in Commenting, etc.

The main point of the website I'm trying to build is to have Commenting (i.e., "Discussion") as useful and straightforward as possible for potential site members. Thus, I'd like to get the TinyMCE editor working with the Commenting plugin. (It would be nice if it could also work with comment-threading turned on.)

Thanks to some earlier tips, I can get the editor initialized OK (i.e., currently the advanced version that I copied from MyOmeka's poster.js to Commenting's commenting.js) and showing up on my theme's Item show page (show.php). However, as far as I can tell, only line and paragraph breaks are getting saved (i.e., no bold, italics, lists, links, or headings, etc.).

I wonder if the problem has something to do with the function that's called in show.php: plugin_append_to_items_show() and/or if I need to add some textarea indexing JQuery code in commenting.js (similar to what's in poster.js) to get the resultant textarea content into the database. I've been looking at poster.js, because poster annotations using TinyMCE ARE getting saved OK.

Can anyone help me with this? I'm currently using Omeka 1.5.1.

Actually, now that I look at it again, only MyOmeka Item Notes are getting saved properly (i.e., everything from TinyMCE text for Notes is turned into correct HTML in the database text field). Item Comments from TinyMCE are still saved only with HTML paragraph tags (even for other formatting, such as bold). Meanwhile, Poster Descriptions and Poster Item Annotations are now not being saved at all ("Save Poster" has no effect from those two TinyMCE text areas).

For Commenting, the form automatically strips out some tags, and it's likely that the Commenting settings for allowed tags don't match the tinyMCE settings for allowed tags. Commenting _should_ allow: 'p', 'em', 'strong', 'a','ul','ol','li'.

We'll have to tinker with the tinyMCE settings, combined with the plugin's settings for allowed HTML elements, to nail down what's happening, especially in Posters.

Thanks, Patrick. Let me know if you figure out anything more about this. There are many things I like better about Omeka than Drupal, but not if I can't get Commenting more finessed! Drupal's commenting can be set up to accept "filtered HTML" (i.e., basic formatting tags), but I suspect it may similarly be possible to get TinyMCE working with it. In Omeka, the Poster edits not being saved from TinyMCE is also going to be a problem.

Got rid of the tag stripping OK, so that's a start!

TinyMCE edits get through OK on Posters, but only from accounts that can get to the admin/myomeka/posters/edit form (i.e., not via just MyOmeka, as non-admin OR admin). So, it's still going to be a problem for people just using MyOmeka (i.e., without any admin permissions). Unformatted text gets through OK from non-admin MyOmeka for annotations, but poster descriptions don't get through at all (although they do from the admin edit form). So, that's getting closer!