Tiny MCE editor in Comments plugin

I tried to add the Tiny MCE editor to the Comments plugin, using the modified code below. It "sort of" works (e.g., the editor appears), but only paragraph breaks seem to be saved. I also tried bold, italics, lists, etc. In addition, when I click on Reply, the editor doesn't seem to allow an entry (it's greyed out). Thanks for any help on this!

In CommentingPlugin.php (last line added):

public function hookPublicThemeHeader()

In /views/public/javascripts/commenting.js (again, last line added):

tinyMCE.init({mode:"textareas", theme:"simple"});

The problem with reply doesn't surprise me, in retrospect. Hitting reply does some javascript of its own to rearrange the input form and set the id of the comment it is replying to. That javascript didn't anticipate playing nicely with tinyMCE, so it would probably take a bit of work to make it go.

It's been a while since I did much work with tinyMCE, but I'm guessing that the other issues are because of some setup that I'm not doing in the init.

I'd have to dig around both for the tinyMCE init settings to make it all work (probably there are examples in Omeka and in tinyMCE documentation). The reply issue _might_ be as simple as putting the same tinyMCE.init line at the end of the Commenting.moveForm function in commenting.js

Thanks, Patrick. I'll also look around to see if I can figure out how tinyMCE is incorporated in poster descriptions, for example. Of course, it is also possible that this is explained somewhere already!

I disabled the reply function (possibly just for now), but the basic comment function still only retains paragraph breaks. By comparison, MyOmeka Poster annotation does seem to save other things from tinyMCE OK. In a related matter, Note-taking just displays the HTML code generated by tinyMCE, and Poster descriptions from tinyMCE don't get displayed at all. Any further thoughts on this?