Timeline Plugin does not display


I am new to the forums and new to Omeka as well.

I am having some issues getting the Timeline plugin to display and I'm not sure what I may be doing incorrectly. Using the Simple Pages plugin I have inserted the code:

<div id="timeline" style="height:100px;"></div>
<?php createTimeline( 'timeline', get_items( array( 'collection' => '1' ) ) ); ?>

into the "Text" box and verified that my collection's ID is 1.

Also, I have configured Omeka to display error messages as instructed on the retrieving error messages page. No error messages show up.

I'm using Omeka 1.3.2 and Timeline 1.2-0.1
Browsers: Firefox 5.0.1, Google Chrome 12.0.742.122

Thank you for any help/advice,

Can you share a link to the page where you added the Timeline code?

Unfortunately I don't have one. It's on a local host using VMware Fusion (trial version, expiring soon) and Ubuntu server 10.04.

Currently determining what to do for a local host of Linux as more permanent solution.


Since the page is displaying without errors, we can probably rule out an actual PHP-level error.

Have you checked the JavaScript error consoles on either browser? In Chrome this is the console tab under Wrench → Tools → Developer Tools, and it's also somewhere under the Tools menu in Firefox (or the Console in Firebug, if you've got it).

There is a JavaScript error. When I look in the Chrome console:

Uncaught ReferenceError: $$ is not defined

This references line 66:


(Thank you for pointing out these tools by the way! I wasn't aware of them.)

That error message is very helpful.

The $$ that the message refers to is provided by the Prototype Javascript library. Prototype used to be automatically loaded on every page in older versions of Omeka.

In 1.3 and above, you need to check the "Enable Prototype" box under your site's General Settings screen.

Hey, there it is! =]

Thank you for your help John,