Timeline limit of 10 items?

Hi there - completely new to omeka and I like what I see so far. I am a drupal person most of the time, but needed (what seems like) a 'simple' timeline archive for a group of people who will take over maintenance. So omeka seems a good fit for this site. I can see possibilities for others as I mess around. :-)
So on to my snag...
I am pretty sure the problem is in either my code snippet for timeline or the fact taht MIT is hosting this instance. The directions say:

To call the CreateTimeline function, paste something similar to this into the page where you want the timeline to appear:

but, being new to it all, I was not sure WHERE the code:
\<div id="timeline" style="height:100px;"></div>
<?php createTimeline('timeline', $items ); ?>\

was to be pasted. I am sure that sounds silly if you know the answer ;-)

I tried a few things to no avail (a simplepage with the above code as the only item, entering it as html in the description area of a new item, etc). No luck.
So I found this code (in a timeline forum??):
\<?php createTimeline('timeline', get_items(array('type' => 'timeline'))); ?>\

and by adding that to a simplepage I can now see the timeline. BUT...
it will only show 10 items. ??? In all of the sample pages I saw and things I read I can find no mention of it being only 10 items... is that a limit on the MIT hosted version? Is it my snippet, or do I need to be self-serving this script? or is it something else?? :-)

quick note to add... figured out it is not just limited to 10 items necessarily, but does seem to be limited to showing the first 10 items I created.

Since some of my items are public and some are private I logged out and can still only see the public items which are included the first 10 items I created. So only 5 items are showing.

Are all of the dates for the items you wish to appear on the timeline formatted in the same way? The plugin can't plot circas, decades, or date ranges.

Have you found specific public items with dates that are not appearing on the timeline?

The get_items helper only gets 10 items by default.

See the get_items documentation for more information, but you can pass a 'limit' argument that determines how many items will be returned.