Thumbnails not showing in 1.3?

We are testing out Omeka. In 1.2, all the thumbnails show without a problem, but in our new 1.3 test, they don't. Is there something I need to tweak somewhere to get them to show? Both installations are on the same server.

Do you have files with each item?
Are you using the same database with both versions? If so, be sure to copy the archive directory from the 1.2 version.

Yes, each item has a file, and where the thumbnail should be, there is the Title of the item. If I click that, it goes to the page with all the metadata, and there I can click on the image name and it will bring up the full image.

Also, I just checked and we are using a completely new database.

My admin just looked up the error log and these are the first two he found:

/usr/bin/convert: Unrecognized option (-thumbnail).
PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/omeka-1.3/plugins/ExhibitBuilder/models/Exhibit.php on line 91

I just went back and checked the Omeka 1.2 files.

They were all done as a dump.

I saw another posting that sounded familiar - in that the error when uploading the file was similar, etc, but all of the exhibit software we are testing is on the same server, and ImageMajik can create thumbnails for theses images in other software.

So, I am hoping someone has a very educated guess:)

Exactly what pages are you have the thumbnail viewing issues--on an exhibit page or the items/browse?

Also, there is a new exhibit builder that came packaged with 1.3. If you haven't done so already, go to the admin/plugins page and upgrade the plugin.

On both the exhibit page and browse items.

I am using ExhibitBuilder 1.0 with 1.3.

/usr/bin/convert: Unrecognized option (-thumbnail).

This line from the error log you posted indicates that you have a problem with your ImageMagick installation.

Omeka uses the '-thumbnail' option to create the thumbnails, and your "convert" binary is reporting that it does not support '-thumbnail'.

You probably need to re-install ImageMagick, and make sure that Omeka's "ImageMagick path" is pointed to the right place.

the weird thing is - we are testing out Resource Space on the exact same server and it creates thumbnails just fine. All three programs are pointing to /usr/bin for ImageMagick.

Also, if we do a dump into Omeka, it will create the thumbnails. Just not if we upload one by one.

okay, my wonderful server admin figured out the problem. He had to change the call to the command-line imagemagick rather than php.

Now, I have thumbnails being created - happy, happy, happy

Glad to hear it!