Thumbnail for video files


I know there was discussion going on for creating thumbnail for pdf, but is it possible to create thumbnail for video files too?

Thanks for the help

I'd be interested in this too.. also in the related context of how to best create cross browser compatible video playback (i.e with fallbacks).

So, for example, it'd be nice if there was a plugin that prompted for mp4, ogv & webm versions of video files for a given item and then created the necessary HTML5 code with a user option for specifying an order of preference. If one really wanted to go whole hog I suppose it could prompt for a Flash fallback as well.

This is also discussed in a separate thread:

There it was claimed that ImageMagick could only create thumbnails of animated GIFs or multi-layer JPEGs. However, I'm able with a reasonably current version of ImageMagick ( to create thumbnails of a MP4 file as well:

convert video.mp4[n] thumb.jpg

where n is the frame number you want to capture. You can then add a resize parameter as needed. I expect, however, that this will only work with some video formats.

Hi Arno,

I've been trying to get the MP4 thumbnail to work using your suggestion, but no luck so far. Would you mind sharing your code for this in full?