Themes uploaded do not display at the public site

We are library school master program students who are learning to use Omeka for our digitization project. Considering version stability, we installed Omeka v1.2.1 at our school server. Then we downloaded the latest themes available on your website to our local drive, unzipped them, ftp the unzipped theme folders to the equivalent server folder site also named Themes. We can see the themes are listed nicely at the control panel.

However, some themes do not display when we open the public site/front page. They either appear to be blank or just few elements, unlike the demo pictures. These include Birlin, Dark, Emiglo, From_scratch, Omeka_foundation, and Graddy.

Did anyone happen to this issue and could give us some clues about how to fix it? Thanks.

Ah, this is definitely a version issue.

Any time you are working with a specific version of a software that has addons (plugins, themes) you will want to check to be sure that each addon is compatible.

It sounds like you downloaded the most recent versions of themes, which only work with the most recent version of the software.

To find compatible versions, click on the theme names and you will come to a page that includes all available versions. For example, if you click on Griddy, you will see that there is a chart that includes minimum Omeka version and "Target Omeka version". You will see that Griddy requires Omeka 1.4 in order to work.

You will want to delete the current themes from the server, find the appropriate versions and upload those.

You will also need to do this for any plugin you wish to install.

Also, I recommend that you download and install Omeka version 1.5.3 which is stable.

Thanks so much, Sheila. The quick response and support from Omeka staff are truly appreciated. This is one of good reasons why we select this software package.

If I am using Omeka 2.0 what themes work with this- I can't see to get any other than thank you roy- which as a designer is not my choice.

So far, the themes bundled with 2.0 are the only ones released that work with it. So, that's Thanks,Roy and Seasons. We'll have more coming soon, and it sounds like other Omeka users are updating themes for 2.0, so I hope the community will bring us more options soon.