Themes, Image Size, and Image Placement

Hi there,

I'm working with two different themes, Berlin, and Sante Fe, in, and am trying to understand how much I can affect image display in both.

In the Berlin theme, when you click on an Item in Public View, it shows up at the top of the screen, nice and large, with the Dublin Core metadata below.

When I click on an Item using the same file uploaded to another site that uses the Santa Fe theme, the same image comes up quite small (a little over 2" x 2"), with the metadata above.

My question: Can the image size and placement be changed, or does the choice of theme determine this in, without the option to intervene?

As always, many thanks in advance for your help!

Much of that is dependent on the theme, which in can't be modified. So placement of image and metadata is locked in.

In the Admin->Settings page, though, you can set maximum size constraints for the derivative images. You might experiment with changing those settings and seeing if it gets closer to what you want.

Unfortunately, those settings only affect newly uploaded images, so if the changes to the settings work, they could only be applied throughout the site by re-uploading the images. (Same goes for your previous question about rotations, if we get that sorted).

Hello Patrick,

I do hope I'm not pestering you too much with all of these questions! Would you mind telling me where under Admin-Settings I can try to adjust the maximum size constraints for the images (I'm not exactly sure what derivative images are)?

I don't see any place to adjust basically the frame in which the images are sitting under Settings; I also looked under item type and didn't see a way to adjust the image sizes either.

Many thanks, Patrick!

Sorry, I pointed badly. It's Appearance->Settings on the admin side.

Hi Patrick,

No problem, but ... I'm not seeing an Appearance menu on my version of (I'm on it via my institution). Is it possible that I have an older version than the one you're referring to?

Yes. Sorry, I forgot (or more likely, just missed the fact) that you are in

Those options aren't yet available in, as it is on an earlier version of Omeka

When will Omeka 2.0 be available in

I can't put a really specific date for it, but I would anticipate before the end of June. We are currently testing the entire system and updated themes, especially the database upgrade. Given the amount of data involved, we want to be very careful and certain.

Glad to hear about the upgrade, and thanks again for all your help!