Themes and IE10

The core set of Omeka themes all display nicely in Firefox, Chrome and Safari, and the IE 9 and 11 versions I've tried. But there is something or other wrong with every single core theme I try using IE 10. Elements may be wrongly aligned, the menu options at the bottom of the page won't display correct, or the search icon doesn't show up. "Thanks, Roy" is the worst, as not only does it have the most things wrong with it, but it also causes IE 10 to hang.

Is there any way to resolve this issue? We can't just tell all our users to not use IE 10.

Surely this issue has come up before?

What versions of Omeka and the themes are you using?

Hi John, we are on 2.2. The themes that are going 'wrong' are Thanks Roy, Berlin, Minimalist, Santa Fe, Emiglio and others.

Have noticed that if I set IE's Browser Mode to IE10 (via F12), all is OK. The problem seems to be restricted to "IE10 Compat View". It appears that "IE10 Compat View" is the default for my version of IE. But this still leaves the problem there; while I may be able to fix it on my browser, there will be others out there within my organisation and without, with their browsers on IE10 Compat View.

Is your site local, so it's showing up as being in the "Intranet Zone"? Generally, Omeka's use of the HTML5 doctype should be enough to avoid compatibility or quirks mode, but IE has some special rules intended to accomodate corporate intranets designed against older IE versions.

You could try adding something like the following to your .htaccess to force IE to use the latest standards mode

Header set X-UA-Compatible IE=edge

If it is the "intranet zone" that's the problem, and your site(s) will be hosted outside the intranet, this might not be an actual problem as those intranet-specific settings won't apply to the production site.

Thanks John; very much appreciated. Yes, it is the "intranet zone" that's the problem. Our site is currently not live; and once it is, it will be outside the intranet zone. So all sounds good.

Update: our site is now live. But going live did not resolve the problem as we had expected. What did the trick was adding <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1"> to our page headers.