Theme folder names

Last year, my students copied Omeka themes to their computers, edited the theme, renamed it and posted it back to our site so that they could tweak the look of their exhibits. They were able to select their new theme name from the drop down box.

This year, running Omeka 1.4.1 when they try to pull up their themes, we don't seen the new theme name in the drop down box, instead the old theme is there twice. So, instead of seeing easy-colour and easy-colour-cm18 we see two easy-colours, and the second one on the list is the revised one.

I'm guessing that the new version of Omeka stores the theme name somewhere else and we will need to edit that.

The site is

Thanks for your help!

I believe that you're seeing a difference between the theme's "display name" and the folder name.

I'm not sure exactly where we would've changed which one we display, but it's easy to set a theme's display name also.

The theme.ini file has a setting called "title." Changing that should change the displayed name.

Great! That works just fine! Thank you!