Theme does not appear


I just migrated my omeka to a new machine. Trying to reinstall all the previous plugins and themes. It was successfull.Im using "berlin" as my theme. In the theme setting, as usual, I dragged the theme to the respected folder. However, i didnt see berlin except the minimalist and default themes. What was there only a radio button without any sample image which I believed was berlin. I choose the image and the result is this..:

Omeka 404
"/ummemory/" is not a valid URL.

Error: script 'index.php' not found in path (/var/www/ummemory/themes/berlin/:/var/www/ummemory/application/views/scripts/:/var/www/ummemory/plugins/SimplePages/views/public/:/var/www/ummemory/plugins/ExhibitBuilder/views/public/:/var/www/ummemory/plugins/ExhibitBuilder/views/shared/)

How to solve this thing..

Have you checked the read permissions for the themes folder and its subfolders?

Wanderingwill, I redo everything and problem solved...