Theme broken after 1.3 upgrade?

I performed the upgrade to Omeka 1.3 today and, with some exceptions, it was a smooth transition. However, I appear to be having some trouble with one of our themes.

The theme in question, when applied to the exhibit for which it was made, does not load. In fact, nothing loads at all. Just a blank screen. When I apply another, nearly identical theme to that exhibit, the exhibit loads fine. Both of these themes are structured the same way, and, as far as I cant tell, are nearly identical aside from the css. Any ideas as to what could be the problem?

P.S. I am running the newest 1.3 version of exhibit builder if that amounts to anything.


A blank screen usually indicates a PHP error.

You can get PHP to display some information about the error by following these instructions from the Omeka Codex.

Just a couple of things to also check:

Be sure that you follow these instructions for moving an exhibit theme into the public site themes directory:

And as John recently responded on another forum post,
"unzipping your new copy of ExhibitBuilder only replaces files that exist in the new copy. Basically, that folder does not get deleted by unzipping a new copy. Assuming your themes have been correctly migrated, renaming or deleting the folder should cause no issues."

Thank you both. I found the php issue yesterday. A function was mistakenly attempting to re-declare itself, and the sever wasn't having any of it.