The plugin.php file is missing error with CSV-Import-1.3.3 plugin

I have up-loaded the unzipped CSV-Import-1.3.3 plugin to my server and the plugin.php file is missing error displays on my Omeka Plugins Installation page. In searching the forum I found a resolution that indicates I need to change this file, but I don't know to what or how.

And more importantly, where is plugin.php suppose to be, because I cannot find it in any directory.

The copy that I just downloaded appears to include it. Maybe double-check that it was uploaded to your server ok. Or, if there was a problem with your original download, you might try downloading it again.

okay, it is in my original download so I uploaded it to my server again. However, I still have the message.

I have logged out of Omeka and logged back in. Still getting error message.

okay, I removed the CSV plug in directory from the Plugin directory on my server, thinking I'd get a clean start. I logged out of Omeka and when I log back in and go to the PlugIns screen in Settings, it still shows the message about the CSV plugin, as if it is still out there. How can I "tell" Omeka that the plugin isn't there?

I'd try uploading the plugin, then uninstalling and reinstalling it. hopefully, that will clear things out and the server will see the plugin.php file.

If not, you might want to check the permissions on the file to make sure it is readable by the server.

I can't uninstall it when I can't install it and I can't install it because of this error in Omeka not finding the plugin.php file! The file is there, but Omeka doesn't recognize it. I checked the permissions as you suggest and they are open

not sure why it decided to work, but after logging off again and coming back, all is well and this time it loaded and everything. I think it had to do with the permissions. Must have been some lag time with the logging in and back on again.

technology... gotta love it!

I found that downloading plugins to my Downloads folder, unzipping them there, moving them to the directory where I actually wanted them, and uploading them from there gave me a bunch those of missing plugin.php errors. However, moving the still-zipped files to, and unzipping them, in the directory from which I wanted to upload them solved the problems.

Actually, now that I look at it, the files don't unzip properly if you try to unzip more than one at a time. If you do that, the version number appears in the unzipped directory name, and the path is thus wrong for Omeka.