Thanks Roy theme CSS

I'm trying to modify the Thanks Roy theme for a digital exhibit. I have made some changes to the CSS omeka/themes/thanksroy/css, but it doesn't modify anything on the site. I noticed in the HTML source the site is linking to /omeka/themes/default/css/style.css. Is there a way I can amend this to link to the theme specific CSS in themes/thanksroy? I don't want to modify the default CSS unless absolutely necessary. Thanks.

Have you manually downloaded the Thanks, Roy theme?

Omeka comes bundled with Thanks, Roy but calls it "default."

Even if you have two copies of it, one in "default" and one in "thanksroy" it's easy to get Omeka to use the "thanksroy" one: just pick it in the Themes panel (it'll be easier to tell which is which if you change the theme's name in thanksroy/theme.ini).

Yes, I manually downloaded the theme. I'm using this with the Exhibit Builder plugin. I chose Thanks, Roy in the Exhibit Theme dropdown (default is not an option there). Still the CSS does not seem to be effecting the appearance of the exhibit. Am I still doing something wrong?

Well, are there two "Thanks, Roy" entries in the exhibit theme dropdown?

"default" will be called Thanks, Roy throughout the admin.

I think I figured it out. It's called Thanks Roy in the dropdown, but default in the directory structure. Got it working the way I wanted, thanks!