"Thanks Roy" header issue

I'm building an Omeka 2.3 site based on Thanks Roy. I configured the theme to have both a header background and a logo file. It looks beautiful--until I click on an item. On item pages only, the logo disappears and I'm left with a white box where it should be.

I haven't made any modifications to the theme (which is the latest version) beyond adding the two images, and the logo file is within the recommended size parameters.

Any ideas how to fix this?


Ah, I finally figured it out on my own! There's a typo (an s missing in items) in line 1 of show.php.


Thanks! On one hand, I haven't been able to reproduce the issue you describe. On the other hand, that does look like a typo in that file, so we'll change that around.

UPDATE: I spoke too soon. It looks like this is fixed another way, but just hasn't been released yet.

Leah, how did you manage to cope with the problem. What did you add on the 1st one?

Open /items/show.php and in the very first line of code, change "item show" to "items show" That did the trick for me.