Thanks Roy exhibit image display

In the Thanks Roy theme, I created an exhibit with a section and a page, to which I added several images with captions. The relevant items and exhibit are all set to public, and exhibit is featured. When I browse to the exhibit page on the public site, I see all image thumbnails displaying correctly consistent with the chosen page layout.

But when I click on a particular image to go to the item page (clicking through to the "/items/show/[n]" path where [n] stands for item number), the image does not show up under the item title. I do see a square thumbnail of the image down below underneath my dublin core metadata for the item, but for usability it would be great to have the larger size image file displaying at the top right under the item title.

I hope you could share what code and where (to what theme file and where in that file exactly) I need to add to have the image displayed. What I would like is to have a similar looking exhibit item display for single item image as in the "berlin" theme, where an image does show up right below the item name. Thank you.


What you will want to do then is to compare the ways that both of those items/show pages are built.

If you are working in Omeka version 1.3 and above, you will find the the items/show.php page for the Berlin theme in the themes directory: yourinstallation/themes/berlin/items/show.php

Thanks Roy is the default theme, but in this newest version doesn't contain its own items/show.php page
You can edit the items page by going to: yourinstallation/application/views/scripts/items/show.php

You may create an items/show page if you wish to go in that theme. For more information about that and other theme best practices, check the documentation:

Thanks for your advice! I will give it a shot and report back in case I get to a major sticking point, but this is a good starting point.

Also on a related issue, it would be fantastic if the item show page similar to Berlin's could be added to the Roy theme. I believe this would make the theme more attractive 'out of the box.' In the similar vein, it would be fantastic if you could add the Thanks Roy theme among the pre-installed themes in the basic/free hosting plan on I took a little time to learn about Roy, and this would probably resonate with the open/democratic spirit in which the theme was developed. Thank you.

Thanks Roy is coming to soon.

Good luck with your theming.