Text Length Limit in Exhibits

Hello, I was hoping to use the "text image right" page layout for displaying the transcripts of some fairly long interviews. Unfortunately, it appears as though Omeka is truncating the interviews at certain length.

On the "edit page content" screen, Omeka appears to accept the full transcripts, but the truncation seems to happen after I save.

Here's one that's been truncated:

(Click the "view full transcript" link. )

Is there any way to stop this from happening?

Exhibit pages weren't necessarily conceptualized as holding full interview transcripts, like the text fields can in item records.

How many characters/words are in your full transcript?

Have you tried using the text only layout? Does the same truncation occur?

Yes, it looks like the same truncation occurs using the text only layout. Our goal is to have the audio file of the interview appear next to the transcript in an exhibit. Some of the transcripts are very long.

Is there any way to "turn off" the truncation? That would be ideal. Otherwise we may have to split the text into separate text boxes, but that will of course entail extra work and also not be as nice to look at.

It's strange that the text field will accept the full text at first, and all the text will appear as it should on the item edit page, and then it's only when I save that apparently some text is cut.

The exhibit text is stored as a MySQL "TEXT" column, which has a limit of 65,535 characters. That may be what you're running into.

If you really need to store more, you'd have to manually modify that column to use a different, larger type ("MEDIUMTEXT," for example, can hold over 16 million characters).

Ah, great! That seems to have worked. We made this adjustment to the MySQL database.

Thank you both, Sheila and John, for your help and suggestions.