text-image-left layout issue

We are just getting started with Omeka for exhibits. I am having a problem getting the text-image-left layout to display "nicely."

Here is an example:

I'm hoping that if I remove the Item Link on the left the image and text will take up that space. We don't need the item link (we'll be linking to items/metadata in CONTENTdm). Can someone tell me how to remove it?

Thanks in advance!

I'm not seeing an image on your page there. My guess is that it's part of an item which is not marked public. You are likely logged into your Omeka installation and can see items not marked public.

Would it be possible to mark it public so I can see the problem?

I made all of the images public. Thanks so much for your help!

I'm sorry, I still don't see any images. Are you certain the items you've selected for your exhibit are public?

FYI, when I go to your items/browse page I see a total of 8 public items.

So sorry about that. I think they are all public now. Thanks, again.

Some of these issues should be fixed with the improved Exhibit Builder coming with Omeka 1.3. However, for now you can edit the css file for the layout located in:


Try replacing the content in that file with the following:

.text-image-left {

.text-image-left .exhibit-item {
    width: 48%;

.exhibit-item img {
    max-width: 100%;

Additionally, you can remove the link to the item by editing:


Simply remove the following line:
<?php echo exhibit_builder_link_to_exhibit_item('Item Link'); ?>

Hope this helps.