Test a new theme (while leaving main theme active)

is there any way to develop a new theme on the main server ? I'd like to be able for exempe to use url like http://diglib/items/show/123?theme=new_theme

Another solution would be to associate a specific theme to a user.

All users stay on the default theme but I can see how my new theme looks live.

I don't think any of this solution is available, am I wrong ? It would be intersting and I think I'll fill an issue if someone confirms me there's no such solution.

You're in luck; I just pushed up an early working version of a ThemePreview plugin that'll let you do this:


You can grab the code from github. After you've activated it, you'll just need to pass ?theme=yourthemename to the URL to view that page in the specified theme.

Probably going to add a few more bells and whistles to this later, so if you have ideas, feel free to share on the project's issue tracker.

Just installed and it works fine, thanks !

Tried it and works great.