Terms of Service - unreadable

I have the TOS plug-in installed and working, however, it is unreadable on the griddy theme.

Is there a way to create a white box for the background similar to everything else in the theme? Is this done in the TOS plugin with HTML code, or is this requiring PHP coding?

The image below is what I get when someone clicks on the TOS.

This requires creating a custom view for the Terms of Service plugin within the Griddy theme.

1. Within the griddy theme directory, create a new folder called "termsofservice."

2. Go to plugins > TermsOfService > views > public, then copy the 'index' folder and paste it in the "termsofservice" folder from the first step.

3. Open tos.php. Replace its contents with the following:

<?php head(array('title' => 'Terms Of Service')); ?>

<h1>Terms Of Service</h1>

<div id="primary-content">
	<?php echo get_option('terms_of_service_tos'); ?>

<?php foot(); ?>

4. Open privacy-policy.php and replace its contents with the following:

<?php head(array('title' => 'Privacy Policy')); ?>

<h1>Privacy Policy</h1>

<div id="primary-content">
	<?php echo get_option('terms_of_service_privacy_policy'); ?>

<?php foot(); ?>