Tags on simple pages or exhibits

I am working in OMEKA 2.0 on a site for biographies with photos. I am using the exhibit function for my biographies, adding photos when I have them. I have noticed that tags only seem to be connected to "items" (which are photos in my case). How can I tag a simple page or an exhibit if I don't have an item? In other words, is it not possible to tag a text without an attached "item"?

Whole exhibits can be tagged, but not individual exhibit pages or Simple pages.

Yes, I have have used tags that way. However, the tags do not show up on the tags page if they are not attached to an item. (This is in OMEKA 2.0, "Thanks, Roy" theme)

It depends a little on which page you are looking at, exactly.

On the public side, the tags on exhibits should be showing up on the exhibits browse page, and the exhibits browse by tags page, at least in the most recent version of the theme and exhibit builder plugin.

They do not show up on the page for a single exhibit, but that can easily be added in if that's what you are looking for.

On the admin side, yeah, the tags page doesn't seem to show tags on exhibits. We should fix that. But if you add ?tagType=Exhibit to the end of the url so it looks like admin/tags?tagType=Exhibit, that will show the tags on exhibits on admin side.

OK, thx.