Tags Continue to Show up in Autocomplete After Deletion

After a tag has been "edited" and renamed such that it is merged with another tag, I would guess the expected behavior is that eliminated tag should no longer appear in the autocompletion list. However, that appears to case.

To reproduce:

-Add two tags and add it to some items.
-"edit" one of the tags, rename it the second tag.
-Create or edit an item and go to the tag section. Now, start typing the name of the tag that was eliminated, note that it continues to appear.

I assume that the edited-eliminated tags are not actually removed from the database table listing all previous tags.

Renaming tags does not eliminate the tag from the database. It does seem that it could be a good feature to have renamed tags available in the deletion list in a future release.

For now, if you would like to remove the tag from the database, just add the renamed tag value to any item. Then you can delete the tag from the delete tag dropdown list. This will remove the tag from the database and autocomplete list.

Thanks so much for your reply! Let me see if I understand this:

Omeka currently has this behavior:

I create tag:


and create the tag:


then rename dogs - > dog (since I don't want similar duplicate tags and have decided to remove plural tags)

but Omeka keeps dog in the auto-completion list, clogging the list with undesired tags, and potentially confusing users adding new items as to which tag they are to use.

That definitely sounds like a bug, no?

Sorry - meant to say "keeps dogs in the auto-completion list"

PS: though ideally I would better proofread my postings, I wish I could edit or preview forum postings here (as in most forum software) rather than making new postings when I find typos.

Again, thanks for your wonderful responsiveness during this holiday season.