Tag Cloud on default Seasons homepage

Hi. The folks I work with would like to display the cloud tag on either the default homepage for Seasons, or an ExhibitBuilder page designated as the homepage. We're using Omeka 2.0.4. I get a variable undefined error and I'm not sure how to do it. Thanks, Adam

Could you paste in the entire error message, and tell a little more about how you are trying to add the cloud? Thanks

Hi Patrick. I found some code that I think you posted in the google group that did the trick. I wasn't declaring the variable correctly. This is what I ended up doing. Thanks

$record = get_record_by_id('item', 21);
$tags = get_db()->getTable('Tag')->findBy(array('record' =>$record, 'sort_field'=>'name'));
echo tag_cloud($tags, 'items/browse');