Suppress Headings in Detailed View

I am using the Berlin theme and would like to suppress the heading "Dublin Core" above my item level metadata as well as remove the term, "Contribution Form." You can see both here:

I need to add that I just mistakenly deleted the "contribution form" from the the Element Sets in Admin, thinking it would only remove the Contribution Form header, instead it removed all of the Dublin Core data on the public view,

And apparently deleted my ability to edit the metadata on the Admin side!

Do you already have contributed content?

If not, can you uninstall the Contribution plugin and install it again?

Excellent! Thanks, that worked!

Back to my original question: any ideas how I can get rid of the headings "Dublin Core" and "Contribution Form" from the detailed view? I'm not sure where the code is for those headings.


Hi Jennifer,

Sorry for the late response. I think Kris answered you question.

Yes, I'm all set. Thanks!