Suppress Dublin Core Fields in admin interface

I understand we cannot delete or modify Dublin core metadata fields. (

However, has anyone ever been able to suppress those fields in the administrative upload/edit interface for item ingestion. We are considering limiting the number of visible fields for our contributors when they are adding content.

Hi, I was wondering if you were ever able to figure out how to suppress Dublin Core fields in the admin interface. I can't figure out which files I need to edit. Thanks for any information you can give me.

Best, Jen

Unfortunately there is currently no way to delete or hide specific Dublin Core fields. We're open to adding this as a feature to a future release of Omeka, though, if there is enough interest. I've added a ticket for this to our Trac, but haven't associated it to a milestone yet.

Does this mean it's not possible to edit the fields in the PHP or that it's merely not possible to edit the fields from the GUI?

Looks like its not got a lot of support, but my team would like to be able to simplify the Core data entry by limiting the number of fields normally exposed. Can I resurrect this issue?

Likewise. The extensive screen space occupied by unused element fields of the Dublin Core, and especially those added by the Extended version and the Zotero plugins, is a major obstacle to Omeka functionality. Scrolling down the page to reach to save button consumes a considerable amount of time. We are reluctant to remove the unused fields in the database as a work-around for known reasons.

Thanks in advance for any forthcoming solutions.

Omeka (as you've all noticed) doesn't have any remotely convenient way to remove Elements from the admin form for Items.

This is probably a perfect use case for a plugin, but Omeka doesn't quite currently expose the kind of functionality a plugin would need to be able to do this.

This request really hasn't gotten any action since Jeremy's post a year ago, but I think it's a feature that would make sense for Omeka 2.0 (the next major version), whether as a plugin or core feature.

In the realm of temporary workarounds, it probably wouldn't be too difficult to come up with something in JavaScript or CSS that removes the unwanted form elements from the page. It's not the ideal solution, but it's something somebody could work on without waiting for a new Omeka version.

I am having a similar situation. Looking for a workaround.

Essentially, when adding an item, the Dublin Core screen (admin side) I would like the ability to rearrange the data display, or remove unwanted core elements from the admin area to limit the confusion for some.

Understanding that this is a possible future feature, what calls up this information? I mean I have checked every file including the .sql files in the omeka core and don't see where this information is being called from. There is not a php file floating around that organizes the Dublin Core data?

I found where this data is stored in the database but I'm wondering what the implications are of removing the fields. Will this affect export? What will happen if I remove them?

At the very least, you would only be able to get them back by reinstalling Omeka, should you ever need them.

I'd recommend against making changes to the database, since it is hard to predict all the possible effects. In other words, that's something that I'd be afraid to do!

So, v2.0 is here but I guess this option was ruled-out.. (?).

The reordering mentioned is there in core, but not the suppressing. The filters available make that a good candidate for a plugin

Reordering looks like it will make my editing a lot easier. How do I get to the controls that allow this? I am using the site at present so I don't think I have access to the php code.

The reordering is only available on self-hosted Omeka 2.0 sites, not

I have also noticed other settings, like managing navigation, that don't appear to be in Omeka.Net. Is this correct or am I looking in the wrong place?

That's correct. The best place for info about using is here.

Thanks, I had found this page, but was hoping it was incomplete!
However, the support looks is first class.

@civilitas: I made a very very lazy plugin that just hides some fields and relabels others using jQuery. You can have a quick look here:

This was done for Omeka 1.5+ but could probably be updated for Omeka 2.0 (and/or otherwise improved) pretty easily.

Thanks ebellempire. I have done an install on one of my machines and the sort feature is in the standard product.

See this plugin by John Flatness to do it the easy way! >> hide elements