Support for HTML5?

I tried to use the HTML5 tags <figure> and <figcaption> (see here: in Simple Pages but those tags were stripped out. I am running Omeka 2.0.4. Does Omeka 2.0+ support HTML5?


Do you have HTML filtering for Simple Pages turned on?

You can configure which elements are allowed and which are stripped under Settings > Security.

Thanks for the reply. I added figure and figcaption to the Allowed HTML Elements list and saved, but they were still stripped from HTML Source Editor in Simple Pages upon save.

I can work around this but others might be curious as well.

Now that you mention it I think there are some crosscutting issues with HTML5 support here. Omeka itself uses HTML5 elements regularly in themes, but the HTMLPurifier library (which is what runs the HTML filtering) doesn't support HTML5.

Separately, Simple Pages is using TinyMCE if you enable the visual editor. Since Omeka 2.0, the version of TinyMCE has had HTML5 support available. At first glance, it looks to me that we simply haven't configured TinyMCE to support HTML5 elements.

We can fix the TinyMCE problem pretty easily on our end, but HTMLPurifier is a thornier issue.