Superscript in Demo?

Greetings Omekans! I'm just getting my feet wet in your Demo and no doubt will have a few more newbie questions when I start using Omeka for real. For now, I'm puzzled as to why the html superscript tag <sup> doesn't render.

In a Simple Page, in HTML mode, I pasted a few marked-up paragraphs of an article. In the public view the rest of my very basic markup - heading, paragraphs, bolding and cite - is correctly rendered, but superscript numbers for footnotes that we'll add later are not. They appear inline with the rest of the text and same font size. Tried (sub) tags too - same result.

Hoping this won't be an issue in an installed Omeka. We need our footnotes.


Make sure the tags are included in the Allowed HTML Elements box under admin/settings/edit-security for your site.

If that doesn't work, you can try disabling HTML filtering while editing, then re-enabling it when you're done (the filtering occurs on save).

Thanks sheepeh.