Suggestions on using Omeka for my project

Hello everyone,

I've just installed Omeka on my test server and I'm trying to work out the best way to represent my particular items.

We are archiving documents written by Catholic popes and saints. The text for each document is stored within an HTML file (which has styles, etc.), and we also have eBook versions of each work (in a MOBI and EPUB file). We also might have multiple languages for each work, each of which may have their own EPUB, MOBI, and HTML files.

I don't see the concept of a hierarchy in Omeka except through the use of Collections. So, in the Omeka way, would I create a collection for each papal encyclical and then add each of the items for that writing to that collection? Or is there some other way?

Thanks for looking!

You can have multiple files on a single Omeka item, so you should be able to group the HTML, EPUB and MOBI files for a particular document together that way.

You could also combine various languages as still more files under the same Item. If you wanted to have separate items for different languages of the documents, you could use either Collections or Tags to group them together.

Thanks for the reply. I think I see how that works. I tried to use the sandbox site to add some items to try this out but it kept giving me errors. I'll try it on my hosted site once I finish upgrading to the latest version.

Sorry about those errors you were getting on the sandbox.

We just upgraded it today to our newest version, and forgot one or two little details.

It should be working fine now if you want to try something out, but the sandbox may not be set up to allow all the types of files you mentioned (particularly HTML).