suggestion: item type icons and medium image

Here are two suggestions:

1. Generic thumbnail icons for other item types (documents, audio, video, etc.) that can be used in browse/gallery view and on exhibit pages. Might the code be something like what is mentioned in the "link_href helper function" forum post?

Somewhat tangential to this, we've gotten around this problem for documents by uploading a jpeg of the cover to get a thumbnail and then uploading a pdf.

2. Adding a medium size image view with ImageMagick. I'd like to display a medium size image, say 400-500 px wide on the item record and then click for a larger full-size view. Messing with the database and ImageMagick makes me a little nervous.

Thanks for your consideration.


Yes, we have considered having icons. And you're right, you certainly can upload an image first before the file if you are looking for an image.

I'll be sure the development teams hears these suggestions for future releases.


i second the medium image size request!

Right now we have 3 different derivative image sizes that are created when you upload images through Omeka. The terminology we use is square thumbnail, thumbnail and fullsize. The thumbnail images seem straightforward, but the fullsize image actually refers to this mid-sized image that you are talking about.

I think by default the 'fullsize' images are constrained to 600 pixels on a side, but you can change that when installing Omeka. You could have that sized to 500px instead, and then show it on your theme such that clicking it would display the archived image.

Is that what you were thinking of? Or was it that you have the fullsize images already, but you want a smaller size that is in between that and the thumbnails? There is potential for a plugin to take care of that, though we'd probably have to make a few modifications to the way that plugins interact with the file uploads.

Let us know if you have any more suggestions for how we can improve Omeka. Thanks!

I think for my simple purposes your suggestion would work. I think I was stuck semantically focusing on 'full size' means the biggest version available. Which, as in your suggestion, is not true if you also link to the original. I just need to make sure I batch resize my originals to their max public size.