Suggested feature (all objects to one item)

It would be a great improved to Dropbox the possibility to select multiple objects to upload as a item.

We have for a publication:
* pdf of the publication
* jpg for each page (aprox 10)
* prompitional brochure
* epub file (e-book format)
and would like to include all these objects into the same item.

Perhaps just a checkbox "Upload all selected files into ONE new item"

And a last, we are realy happy with Dropbox plugin because it enable us to port all the old site to Omeka!! Congratullations for developers.

When you have the Dropbox installed, you can use it to upload multiple files to one item.

When you go to the Files tab in the normal "Add" or "Edit" page for Items, you'll see you have the option to add files from the dropbox. When you select more than one here, they all go into the same item, not separate items.

Yeah! Thank you John!