Subscription form

I am completely new to Omeka
If I want to add a subscription form to the theme, and I have the HTML code from a thrid service, is there an easy way ton add it like into a HTML/text widget?

You'd have to add the HTML to your one of the template files in your theme. Which one specifically would depend on where you would want the form to appear. Can you elaborate?

OK, In understand
I would probably use VerticalResponse HTML form (they have a free programme for non-profits), so that would not be a problem.
Thanks, Agnes

I meant, could you explain where you would want the form to appear on your Omeka site. That would dictate which template file you would need to edit to make your form appear, which I could help you with if you're not sure which one. Do you need help with this?

Thanks Jeremy
I am not there yet, I just wanted to have an idea how much flexible it could be , either with plugins or customization