Store Files Externally?

Is it possible for OMEKA to have items whose associated files are not stored in OMEKA but instead link out to a URI? One concern where I work is that using OMEKA could end up duplicating our new institutional repository by making us store everything twice. Any suggestions would be most welcome!

I'm pretty sure it can be done, though I'm not familiar enough with that part of the code to offer guidance on how to implement it. Omeka can store its files in S3 in addition to locally, so it might be a matter of writing an adapter to fit your needs (see ). But that'd be an Omeka-first approach, where it sounds like items would be going into the IR first, and only then to Omeka?

It might also be worth peeking at the Fedora Connector (from some people you might know!) to see if that's an approach more in line with the IR considerations.

This is exactly the question I came here to ask. Currently, we have no trouble creating/storing/searching collections. But, we need a tool to allow users to quickly and easily create online exhibits. The Omeka exhibit tool is great, but we don't want to store all of our digital content in our collections and in the Omeka archives. Essentially, I'd love to be able to use Omeka as a exhibit building tool and display without using it as a storage device. Is this at all possible?

This is the Holy Grail in fact! Can't wait for this piece of news!

If you use amazon s3 you can just plug in your bucket and access key credentials to store uploads remotely (on amazon s3):

We actually use Dspace to store things and are looking at Omeka to display them. Hope that helps.

So to clarify, if I set up my config.ini file to save files to Amazon S3, will my files be saved in S3 *in addition to* my local archive folder or will they by saved to S3 *instead of* my local archive folder?

And the answer is?!

If you set up your config.ini to use S3 for file storage, your files will be saved on S3 instead of locally.

Was there an answer to Omeka being able to access files saved on a separate storage array other than S3? We have a local storage array that we'd like to store our objects in and we would not store them in Omeka too (if possible). And if you can, are there other ramifications of doing so? Feature limitation? (ImageMagick limitations?)
Thanks! - char!ie

I'm interested in the same kind of storage alternative to S3 as cmcneil above. 10 months have passed since Charlie's post. Anyone know of an available option?