Still displaying square_thumbnails not thumbnails

Hi -

"Files" on Item page and Browse page display square_thumbnail files, instead of thumbnail, even after I replaced all references to square_thumbnail with thumbnail both in items/show.php and browse.php. I am using the Berlin theme.

Is there another file I also need to modify?


For the items/show page I assume that you are using display_files_for_item to return the images? To have that show as a square thumbnail, you can just pass it an argument as such:

<?php echo display_files_for_item(array('imageSize' => 'thumbnail')); ?>

Regarding items/browse, within the loop you can use something like:

<?php if (item_has_thumbnail()): ?>
<div class="item-img">
<?php echo link_to_item(item_thumbnail()); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Hope that helps.

Thanks, kalbers. This worked great.