Static DC fields -- Multiple item editing

We have a large collection where many of the fields are static. Thus it would be great to have an easy method of populating the core fields.

Maybe having additional fields available for the Batch Add plugin?

The ability to have pre-selected values for all fields via a settings form?

Ideally both, but one or the other for starters would be great for content control.

I wish I knew php so I could dig in and help (learning is on my list). Nonetheless, I'm digging in and I'm loving what I'm seeing. Thanks to everyone for their hard work!!!

Hi mjcpl. Thanks for your suggestions. They are good ideas and worth looking into further.

On a partially related note, we are currently working on an Omeka plugin that batch imports data from a CSV file. Simply populate the file with your data and upload it, map the CSV columns to the appropriate Omeka metafields, and submit. Note that the plugin will not batch upload files along with the data, but that is also on the works. While this will not integrate seamlessly with the Dropbox plugin ("Batch Add"), we believe that it will supplement it adequately. Expect this CSV import plugin in the coming months.