Hi, I would like to have a staging feature, this could be achieved by grouping the whole content of a site in a "snapshot" or a releas - similar concepts like git might apply - maybe it would be even the best to implememt git as a backend :)
It would be very clever to have a possibility to make different versions of a site available to different user groups, so we could have one public site that is viewable to the anonymous user and a view of a future or special version of the site, so it is easier to collaborate on not-ready-to-be-published content with an e.g. curator group and immediately see the results, without disturbance of the public view. If snapshots will be implemented similar to what git does, we could edit on several site branches at the same time.
Also it would be a very good feature for special events, at which you want to show a vatiation of the site, or for non-permanent online exhibitions.
Any chance you like these ideas?
Thanks for your attention!