Staff Changeover/lost access

Our web developer has left our organization and only left us with the access to these forums, rather than the actuial Omeka login to gain access to the backend of our website.

Any help on how to regain access would be greatly appreciated.

Ouch! Anything I can think of would ultimately require getting direct access to the MySQL database and changing data there. Do you know if your organization's IT group still has direct access to the database? If so, something might be hackable, but keep in mind that it would also be explicitly side-stepping security.

We have access to the MySQL, and have run the following query
UPDATE omeka_users SET password=sha1(concat(salt, 'NEW_PASSWORD')) WHERE username='USER';

with the 'NEW_PASSWORD' replaced with the one we want (in the 's) and the 'USER' replaced with the one we want (in the 's) and this also matches the db.ini file.

I am lost. Nothing so far works, and I can't ask for a reset because I don't think he ever put an email in.

Also-I am not tech savy at all...

The user information within the database, the Omeka users, doesn't really have anything to do with the user/password information in the db.ini file. The db.ini stuff is just used on the MySQL side of things to give Omeka access to the databases. Omeka users are a totally separate thing.

Also, Omeka users are required to have email addresses (and, regardless of what's already set, since you have access to the database, you can always just set that user's email address to one you control).

I don't know how to set the users email, otherwise I would do it.

That being said, how do I set up an OMEKA user? Everything I have done so far is not working. We were left with no OMEKA user information besides the one allowing us to post on the form. I need to access our website and update it.

There should be a Users table in your Omeka installation's MySQL database. That would give you the email address as well as the password, etc. (This post may be helpful in resetting passwords, etc)

You would need to be logged in to the admin dashboard to manage users.

Seems like there are many directions and/or factors.

If I'm following right, you have an Omeka installation in place, but the person who left your organization was the only one who had access to the admin side of the site -- or was the only one with access to the admin side with sufficient permissions to really administer the site.

Here's a couple more ideas if that's accurate:

1) The easiest is to get the person who left to fix it, as a reasonable expectation of their departure duties.

2) If not that, and since you have direct access to the database, one cheap and easy way might be the following, if you have an easy way to stand up a new Omeka site.

A: Create a brand new Omeka installation, using the same version as the one you really want to get into. That will create a users table like what mebrett describes, with exactly one user who has all the permissions.

B: Copy over the user information from the new site to the other one. If you have access to a tool like PHPMyAdmin for both databases, that'll just be copy-pasting between the databases. Otherwise, there might be some more complicated export/import process to deal with.

C: In the old site, try logging in with the same credentials that you used when you made the new site.

Most of what Patrick wrote in the forum post doesn't work for me. I have no idea what or where to find it. The fact that I have gotten as far as I have is amazing-though nothing at all is working.
In MySQL, I have accessed the users table, managed to change the email (but it is not sending) and also changed the password for that user. But nothing works-therefore I cannot log into the admin dashboard, as that is the area which I am trying to access.

I should mention that it accepted the new email, which I asked for a password reminder, which took, but is not coming to me.
The person who left (almost a year ago?) has not responded to our requests.
I guess what I am most confused about is why the resetting of the email on the user takes, but not the password?

Some of the forum posts which I have been referred to include information like:
Open the .htaccess file in the root of your Omeka installation, find the following line, and uncomment it (that is, remove the # sign):

I don't where the "root of your Omeka installation" is, don't know how to set up or install a new database-I am a historian.

The person who left, told us that by logging in to the dreamhost site, we would be taken to the admin of our website.

Do you all have a sysadmin or IT person who set up the hosting for you, or was that the person who left?

You might be able to find the email if you can use FTP to access the mail directory. You can get to that through the Panel (not the MySQL PHP Myadmin, but the place you manage your account information etc).

You have dreamhost, right? Unless the email address that the person used to set up the site is, the reset password emails are going to get caught. If there is someone on your staff who understands how to use FTP, have them log in an open the sent maildir to find a "reset password" email.

Tried going in through FTP, but there was nothing there....but for some reason, requested a PW reset on the Website and it took.

Thanks for all of your help!