Stable install

Can someone please tell me if 1.1 is the most stable installation of Omeka? I have been trying to install it on my server for several days and have had nothing but problems.

The mod_rewrite was at first an issue. I know my server has it on but Omeka kept halting saying it was off.

The THEMES were not working on the admin panel.

And lastly I was getting missing pages for various links in the installation.

Am I missing something? I have looked on this forum for answers and many users have experienced the same issues I am yet no solutions.

Is the Omeka project dead? Is this most active forum or is there another?

I would love to use it for a non-profit digital archive but alas its becoming more of a mess than I thought.

Should I be installing 1.0 vs. 1.1 ?

Which is more stable?

I consider myself an advanced user with some basic knowledge of Unix and HTML, but it should not take 3 days to install a package like Omeka.


I'm sorry you're having trouble getting Omeka installed on your webhost. I definitely agree with you that Omeka should not take 3 days to install. The Omeka project is alive and well. This is the most active forum. You should be installing Omeka 1.1

Are you still getting the mod_rewrite error?

Did you download Omeka from the website, or did you use svn?

Have you changed the permissions for the archive directory and all its subdirectories?

For the mod_rewrite issues, have you seen this post: