Stable combination of Omeka+Neatline plugins

I recently starting using Omeka - great work! I am particularly interested in using Neatline to make an exhibit such as this:
However, I am having trouble finding a combination of versions of Omeka 2.x + Neatline plugins to make this possible. Every combination I try seems to have a major problem (such as inability for Neatline to import Omeka events). Can someone recommend a stable combination of versions? I don't mind downgrading Omeka if needed since Neatline will be my primary purpose. Thanks much.

Hi Butsonc,

Good to hear from you! What versions of Omeka / Neatline were you working with when you ran into problems? There were some issues with the item-import workflow in the first Neatline 2.x releases caused by interactions with other plugins, but those issues should have been cleared up by recent releases.

The current versions of both - Omeka 2.1 and Neatline 2.0.4 (and Neatline 2.1.0, which is coming out next week) - should be stable. Let me know what specific problems you're having with those versions, and I can try to help out!


Thanks for the quick reply. Let me try to install Omeka 2.1 with Neatline 2.1 when it comes out next week. It also occurs to me that if the current versions are stable (and functional) then something must have gone wrong with my installation, and it may be best to perform a clean install. I'll try a couple things and get back in the next week or two.