Squareing exhibit pages thumbnails

I am curious to know the how one goes about squaring thumbnails on exhibit gallery pages. I have been playing with different solution with <?php echo display_exhibit_thumbnail_gallery(1, 12, array('class'=>'permalink')); ?>
but either it breaks or I am still left with the standard thumbnails.

I am also having this issue. I just tinkered with the plug-in functions and found that the following works. I'm guessing this is not recommended, since any future updates to the plug-in will undo it, but here's what I did.


function display_exhibit_thumbnail_gallery($start, $end, $props=array())

Change this:

To this:

Hope this helps.

The display_exhibit_thumbnail_gallery() helper should have more options, so I've put up a ticket and hopefully it will happen in the next major release of the plugin.

Have there been any updates in this area? I'd also like to be able to use square thumbnails in my exhibit layout, and I haven't been able to figure out how to do it. I'm just starting to learn PHP, so it's very possible that I'm just doing something wrong.

Hi ewanlund,

We updated the display_exhibit_thumbnail_gallery() helper to include a fourth parameter, $thumbnail_type, where you can specify the thumbnail type.

<?php echo exhibit_builder_display_exhibit_thumbnail_gallery(1, 12, array(), 'square_thumbnail'); ?>

Since 0.4 of the plugin, the default is 'square_thumbnail'. Check the version of Exhibit Builder you have, or try adding the fourth parameter to your Exhibit layouts, wherever you want to display a thumbnail gallery with square thumbnails.

Hope this helps,

Lovely. Thank you!