Specify number of items to get on browse page


Please bear with me if this isn't the right forum, but I'm struggling from this URL:


... which does exactly what I want except for one thing: I would like it to get 10 items per page in stead of 24.

I've tried appending &per_page=10, &perPage=10, &perpage=10, &per_Page=10, &limit=10... and also googled my eyes out, but I can't seem to find this documented anywhere.

On the other hand, this URL:

... will give me 10 elements per page, but no option to pass a search query.

Scratching my head here :)

Best regards,
HÃ¥kon Sundaune
Nesodden, Oslo

To clarify: I do not have access to this Omeka installation. I am coding an external WP plugin to search this site's content.

At present, that is the way that Omeka works, and there's not really a good way around that, at least without being made an administrator of the site.

It's a functionality that we will consider for a later release, though.

OK thanks a lot. At least I know I hadn't missed anything!